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XpertHR Podcast; Improving Gender Diversity – a case study

Tricia Halpin, Chief People Officer, Masthaven Bank, was recently interviewed by XpertHR about improving gender diversity.  We are so proud to have partnered with Masthaven in implementing the WDI Consulting Women in Leadership programme at two levels of seniority in the bank.  Working with Masthaven as one of our pioneer clients for the programme has been a privilege, and we are incredibly inspired and proud of the results Masthaven have achieved in improving the bank’s gender diversity at senior leadership level.

You can find the 30-minute podcast here, and in this short article we have summarised some of the key points.

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Insider Progress Launch Event

We want to share some of the key themes to emerge from the launch of the Insider Progress initiative. These provide valuable insight and a ‘pulse check’ for the insurance sector. Read more ...

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The unseen role models that inspire women leaders

At 18-months old, my daughter is a playful, curious, vocal tot who loves to boldly crash her way around the kitchen with her walker, offers regular cuddles to her soft toys and with focused concentration builds her stickle brick structures.  She is (of course especially in my eyes), totally adorable with a winning smile, regularly told by everyone that she is cute, and validated for being clever.  However, I also notice the absence of words such as ‘bold’ or ‘brave’ that subtly add stereotypes on what a good girl is or is not.

I greatly want to protect her from the programming of gender, and equally know that I won’t be totally able to. But, I have a plan; to introduce her to the many amazing role models and female super heroes who give her a map to develop her potential without false limitations.

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Are you wilfully blind to your own life?

In her fabulous book, Willful Blindness, Margaret Heffernan says “we choose, sometimes consciously but mostly not, to remain unseeing in situations where we could know, and should know, but don’t know because it makes us feel better not to know.”

My own wilful blindness showed up in my late 40’s when, on the receiving end of coaching questions, I realised I had been overly investing time, energy and attention in my business at the expense of the other aspects of my life.

Avoiding wilful blindness is not for the faint hearted.  The busyness of everyday life with widely dispersed families, financial pressures, and ever-present technology means that few of us have the time or courage to shine a light into the blind-spots of our lives by reflecting on questions such as “who am I?”, “why do I do what I do?” and “what do I want to achieve in this world?”

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Creating contagion in a global transformation

In this final video of our series, Nicola Parton describes how she and her team worked with WDI Consulting to deepen their personal connection with the team throughout the change process – enabling them to build trust and encourage people to ‘test and learn’ new behaviours before the introduction of hard measures. This reduced the ‘anxiety in the system’ and Nicola outlines some of the fabulous results they achieved.

Nicola Parton is Group Managing Director, Head P&C Business Management, Swiss Reinsurance.

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Balancing drive for results and relationships in a global transformation

In this second video of our series on leading a successful global transformation, Nicola Parton continues to talk personally about her experience and in so doing demonstrates one of WDI Consulting’s underpinning beliefs, that change leadership is not about driving for results or engaging sensitively with your people – it is about doing both.

Nicola Parton is Group Managing Director, Head P&C Business Management, Swiss Reinsurance.

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Starting with the ‘why’ when leading a successful global transformation

In this first video of our series on leading a successful global transformation, our valued client, Nicola Parton discusses the importance of having a clear purpose for the change and ensuring that others know why it matters to them.  Nicola and her Swiss Re leadership team were all experts in their claims field.  However they had some uncertainty and vulnerability about embarking on a global change programme, so they invited WDI Consulting to advise and support them throughout the process.

Nicola has recently been promoted to Group Managing Director P&C Business Management, Swiss Reinsurance where we are sure she will continue to drive for results whilst engaging and involving her people.

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