Performance coaching

We increase awareness of self and others, give greater responsibility and choice to deepen individual purpose and improve performance. The results are seen to ripple throughout a team and the organisation delivering improved business results.

Our approach

Our clients say we make a difference because we:

  • See and work with the whole person – exploring their full context, especially relationships and business challenges, often gathering 360° expert witness input

  • Inspire self-insight – through an expert balance of challenge and support, we help our clients ‘hold the mirror up’ to see with fresh eyes and make new choices

  • Create intention to act – helping them to understand and celebrate their sense of purpose, so that they can achieve something greater than themselves

  • Deliver measurable outcomes – by carefully agreeing coaching outcomes with them in measures that are useful both to them and to their employers.

Our clients ask us to get involved when they are:

  • New to a leadership role -they want to find their feet and quickly make a difference

  • At risk of burn-out – they know they need to work differently, not harder

  • Being held back by one or two characteristics that undermine their strengths.

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