Our principles

We focus on four areas of work that share six principles.
The consistent adoption of these enables people and teams to grow and change how they think and work.

Connect to individual and collective purpose

Enable people to engage with the change and to define what it means to them as individuals and as a member of their team and of the organisation as a whole. People are more fulfilled and achieve more when they are motivated by something greater than themselves.

Develop change leadership

Develop leaders who live the change leadership principles themselves and help others do it too. Half of the success of a new strategy or change depends on how it is lived and led [Higgs and Rowland, 2008]. Leaders’ beliefs, behaviours and commitment ripple throughout the entire organisation.

Inspire self insight

Make it easy for people, individually and collectively, to ‘hold the mirror up’ and explore how others see them. This enables people to make new choices in how they think, feel and behave on a personal level and as part of the organisation.

Use resistance as rocket fuel

Encourage people to examine and explore resistance and, rather than seek to remove it, work with it and harness its energy. “Where attention goes, energy flows” [James Redfield] … and things change.

Align the architecture

Describe what the future looks like and develop, implement and evolve the dynamic process to get there.

Optimise involvement

Engage as many relevant people as possible in the creation and implementation of change. “People feel five times more committed to what they have created” [McKinsey, 2009].

The approach WDI took helped me and my leadership team have the confidence to reflect and make significant changes in how we lead at the most important time ever in our history. The changes have rippled throughout the organisation, setting us up to create and embrace the opportunities opening up to us.

Beth Carruthers, Managing Director MAXIMUS People Services

I have worked directly with Lynn and WDI over an extensive period. I particularly like their very practical approach to execution with change projects. They have a unique style in engaging with people and challenging the status quo and have developed good insight into the insurance sector particularly in the area of customer focus.

David J Batchelor, Vice Chairman, Marsh

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