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Women in Tech: Retention by design

Our latest WDI Gender Insights Report ‘Women in Tech: Retention by Design’ shares our insights on why women are leaving tech roles at high rate, and how organisations can address this crisis.

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Like all sectors, Technology is experiencing the effects of the ‘great resignation’ where women are choosing to exit jobs, organisations and careers.  Rising female talent are choosing to leave cultures where they are unable to see a future for themselves.

Our Insights Report includes key data¹ such as:

  • 9 % of UK C-Suite leaders in Tech companies are female
  • 3 % of the UK Chief Technology Officer or Technical Director roles are held by women
  • 50% of women who take a Tech role leave by age 35, citing non-inclusive cultures as the main reason
  • 78% of women in Tech feel like they have to work harder to prove their worth at work.

There have been active attraction strategies in place for years, however in this report we highlight:

  • The urgency to expand the focus to active retention strategies
  • Two critical challenges to gender equity in Tech
  • The metrics to provide insight driven, gender intelligent solutions.

Inclusive organisations are making huge gains and low scoring employers are increasingly locked out of top talent.  From our experience of working with organisations globally, through our leadership for gender equity programmes, we believe it is essential that organisations are intentional in their retention strategies to end ‘bro culture’, address the authority gap and identify the right metrics to create change.

The information in our Report is designed to provide you with critical knowledge to support you as you begin to create your gender intelligent retention strategy.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Report and do reach out to our report authors directly to continue the conversation.

Authors: Clare Russell, Steph Robin, Lynn White

Note: ¹All data points are referenced in the Insights Report
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