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Energetic change

We rebalance traditional approaches to introducing new strategies and change initiatives and achieve myth-busting immediate and lasting change.

The opportunity

For over 20 years we have known that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver their goals. The 2015 McKinsey survey of global executives gave the figure as 74%. We now know how we need to go about achieving results differently.

WDI’s energetic change

Our approach rebalances the best of traditional change management to include engaging with ‘people as people’. This shorthand encompasses beliefs that people are fundamentally equal, deserve self-respect, can learn and grow and are motivated by achieving something bigger than themselves.

So, what is the difference that makes the difference?

Working in this way creates ‘myth-busting’ results

We typically get involved when clients are:

  • At the beginning of something to set a team or project up for a rapid or smoother journey that takes full account of the ‘people side’
  • At a key transition point to ensure a global change journey is devolved and regional and help shift from pilot to enterprise wide implementation whilst building – not losing – momentum
  • Ready to shift from design to implementation through engaging with a larger number of people whilst wanting to make the change journey feel personal and relevant
  • At a crisis point, or ‘stuck’ – targets or deadlines being missed, and people not taking ownership, with power play and hidden conflicts surfacing.
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We found your team to be very engaging and supportive of the agenda. You have quickly understood the pressures and complexity of the acute hospital environment and have worked hard to support our teams whilst also challenging the status quo to improve behaviour and culture for the benefit of patient care. Thanks again for your support.

Neil Dardis, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust