Women’s leadership coaching

We work with aspiring women leaders whose ambition is to build and lead inclusive organisations.  Research and our experience has shown that women leaders bring a valuable and different voice to organisations one driven by purpose, informed by intuition and delivered with a powerful mix of humility and the courage to challenge and innovate.  Our personalised coaching programmes integrate our expertise in performance coaching with a specialised approach to leadership transformation for women.

Our approach

Why this work matters

Our personal experiences of being women in the corporate world (as well as being trusted coaches for women for the last 10 years) has shown us that a different approach to women’s leadership is needed at this time – one that recognises and values women’s experience and potential and ends the ‘fixing women’ paradigm.  Our ambition is to bring new thought-provoking perspectives to support women leaders to authentically and effectively lead ‘their way’.

What we believe

There is no ‘one way’ to lead as a woman.  We know there are common themes for female leaders and yet their authentic leadership style needs to be as individual as they are.

Research and data shows indisputably that, with more women at the top, businesses are more profitable.

Yet although academics are showing that it’s how women are leading that is creating the value, most organisations don’t yet know how to fully access, engage and create the culture to foster female talent.

At WDI we believe that these talented women are creating value because they are leading differently.  Specifically, they are blending traditional leadership competencies with skills and leadership traits that come from a ‘female vision¹’ into the world, (for instance nuanced relational intelligence, broad spectrum noticing, work life integrity, and collaborative innovation).  In fact, it is women who are successfully and authentically leading at the top who are shaping new leadership paradigms.  They are at the forefront of creating sustainable, profitable organisations where all stakeholders thrive.

What does that mean for coaching women leaders?

To effectively coach women who are at, or approaching, this leading edge means matching them with a coach whose credentials also enable them to be a valuable thought-partner.  Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds with expertise in a range of specialisms.  They bring an in depth understanding of the value and perspective women bring to the workplace that enables them to powerfully support women leaders.  We take great care in matching women leaders to their coach, including chemistry calls with 2-3 recommended coaches so that the women leaders can select their perfect thinking partner.

We’re immensely proud to be coaching incredibly talented and deeply inspiring women leaders from across a broad spectrum of industries including Technology, Legal, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Public Sector.

We work with women leaders when they are:

  • Preparing to step into more senior positions and develop a holistic, balanced and creative leadership approach in new environments with high performance expectations, e.g. global positions.

  • Managing change initiatives and leading through potential conflict or uncertainty while remaining authentic and resilient.

  • Returning to work (for example, after parental leave) when they wish to align a new sense of purpose and identity within their roles and retain work/ life balance.

  • Navigating gender awareness in their workplace including exploring their own leadership style and the barriers and enablers of inclusive cultures.

  • Finding their authentic leadership style and seeking new and different strategies to lead within often more masculine or male dominated senior leadership teams.


If you are curious about exploring women’s leadership coaching for yourself or those in your organisation, read our pdf.

Note: ¹The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work by Sally Helgesen and Julie Johnson

I think and feel that I have benefitted personally and professionally from our work together. I know and understand myself better and I can make adjustments accordingly! I also have a sense of confidence and clarity about what I want to do next. This would not be the case without your creativity, support and challenge to me – all done in a circle of trust and fun which we established so fast! You’ve been tremendous.

Lucy Knight, HRVP Corporate Business Activities & Function, BP Plc

I was a cynic regarding the benefits of coaching. I was wrong. I have come out of this experience a calmer, more relaxed, less fiery leader. I’d recommend Lynn and her team to anyone needing wisdom, insight and the personal tools to do a brilliant job.

Patricia Blatherwick, Director of Strategy and Business Development, MAXIMUS UK

Lynn has been my coach for 18 months and the value she has added to me professionally and personally is vast.  Her ability to truly understand me has contributed greatly to the success in her being my coach.  Lynn questions and challenges me in ways that I truly value and she isn’t afraid to take me out of my comfort zone. Our work together has greatly improved my ability as a senior HR leader and head of a function and her wide experience has helped me enormously with managing stakeholder relationships. I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough.

Natasha Elvin, Global Head of HR, Mind Gym

Overall coaching has been hugely beneficial for me as a reflective space where I’m able to review past experiences, what I did and what I wished I had done, and informing how I would do things differently in the future. It’s also brought with it new insight, models and leadership understanding that I’m applying directly to how I build on my strengths and make informed choices about what I do differently ongoing to be most effective whilst also in integrity with my values.  I feel I have a whole new ‘inner resilience’ that will continue to grow and serve me in the future.

Sophia Adams Bhatti, Director of Policy, The Law Society

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