Leadership for gender equity programmes

Our perspective

Gender intelligent solutions are how organisations successfully create gender equity in their talent pipeline.

Our approach applies insights into gender inequalities and stereotypes to dismantle the barriers experienced by those marginalised due to their gender, including cis women, trans women, trans men and the non-binary community.

Applying these insights [pdf download] inspires and enables exceptional talent to overcome gender barriers and thrive as authentic and inclusive leaders.  We integrate high performance leadership development with gender intelligence in order to:

  • Address the internal impact of stereotypes, for example myth busting around women’s ambition, binary gender norms, parenthood, risk aptitude and imposter phenomenon

  • Build capabilities to respond effectively to gendered behaviours and social norms, for example taking a proactive approach to feedback, (where bias can lurk) and gendered expectations of communication and conflict styles.

Results achieved

  • 100% of participants are likely to recommend the programme

  • 90% of participants rate the programme as excellent, (highest rating on a four-point scale)

  • Promotions within the first six months

  • Strong net promoter score across global cohorts

  • All clients have commenced with year two cohorts in 2021.

These results are from sectors that include public, finance and information analytics. They include our 2020 Women’s Leadership programme, which has now evolved to become our Leadership for Gender Equity programme encompassing everyone who is impacted by gender inequalities.

Programme overview

Our gender intelligent programmes are uniquely designed for organisations who are committed to advancing both women’s leadership and gender equity.

The programme comprises of four modules:
four module model graphic
Each modules consists of:
  • online learningIcon
  • Online learning
    Facilitated interactive webinars to embed learning and build peer support and community
  • virtual classroom Icon
  • Virtual classroom
    Multi-media learning platform delivering bite-sized learning materials comprising weekly lesson content structured to maximise engagement
  • Womens network Icon
  • Community network
    Active online network facilitated by specialist coaches to shape the collective conversation
  • one to one Icon
  • One-to-one online coaching
    Targeted online coaching designed to accelerate the transfer of learning and achieve programme goals

About the programme

Bespoke curriculum based on robust research
  • Addresses hidden barriers to the progression of diverse talent

  • Inspires leaders to value their own unique leadership style

Ease of access
  • Global community accessible ‘on demand’

  • Bite-sized learning to enhance transfer of learning

  • Peer network that inspires belonging and connection

  • Delivered globally

  • Flexible to variable cohort sizes

  • Simulates the many relationship benefits of one-to-one coaching in a more cost-effective way


Our programme develops talent for gender equity at mid and key career transition points supporting organisations to retain and progress leaders by:

  • Addressing the ‘hollow middle’ and creating strong gender balanced talent pipelines and succession planning short lists

  • Preventing ‘threshold theft’; the risk of losing key talent at specific career thresholds

  • Enabling diverse leaders to shine through inclusive programme content and advocating authentic leadership

  • Building strong peer support communities that last through a fully integrated networked learning approach

  • Accelerates the transfer of learning back to the day job through bite-size learning with immediate application.

Programme participants tells us that it empowers them to:
  • Be confident, authentically lead with impact

  • Overcome stereotypes and effectively navigate bias

  • Increase professional visibility to achieve their purpose and goals

  • Create a strategically valuable network that is leveraged for organisational and individual benefit.

Want to know more?

Organisations have two ways to engage in our global programme:

Delivery of a dedicated in-house programme

For cohorts above 10 people, and we scale to fit organisations, having delivered to cohort sizes of over 100 in 13 countries.

Participation in our multi-organisation open programme

Creating a cross-sector cohort.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact us.

View client story

The cohort of female leaders that have participated in the programme have grown in confidence and presence. It is clear that they have developed, and they continue to develop their own personal brands and are making a real difference in the working environment.

The team at WDI have created a fabulous programme that has enriched our female talent and they have also kept me updated throughout the various stages of the programme.

Tricia Halpin Chief People Officer, Masthaven Bank Limited

Integrating WDI’s Women’s Leadership Programme curriculum as a core component has been highly impactful for participants and many have referenced the learning they gained as being pivotal in achieving the next steps in their career.

Our partnership with WDI Consulting in the development and delivery of the programme significantly contributed to the programme’s success.  

I am also proud to share that, together, we have evolved the programme to welcome cis-gendered women, transgender women, transgender men, and members of the non-binary community in 2021.

 Katy McGregor, Head of Talent APAC, Elsevier

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