Inclusive leadership cultures

We create an inclusive culture that achieves more profitable results by developing leaders who value both the head and heart, who are skilled and adaptable in using all aspects of who they are to inspire, connect and engage with others. This is seen when there is a balance of feminine intuition with masculine analysis, empathy with courage, and care with decisiveness.

The opportunity

We believe leadership is at an evolutionary edge – we call it ‘rebalancing the leadership equation’. Employee and client needs are ever changing with both seeking greater involvement and connection in an increasingly virtually connected world.  Leaders therefore need to be skilled at strengthen those connections to create value and sustainability. Organisations typically have a predominance of what are perceived to be masculine leadership traits; courage, decisiveness, independence and resilience. Yet, research [The Athena Doctrine] and practical experience (such as the make-up of Boards) is showing us that successful organisations, who create strong lasting collaborations,  also have strong characteristics that are perceived as feminine leadership traits; intuition, empathy, collaboration and care.

Our approach

Every individual, team and organisation is different, with hot spots of thriving balanced leadership and frozen places where blockages persist. Through understanding and encouraging more diversity we unfreeze resistance, enabling the seeds of balanced leadership to take root. A huge amount of creative energy is released with sustained positive benefits for colleagues, culture and business results.

Our clients ask us to get involved when they are:

  • Facing an unprecedented scale of change – whether threat or opportunity and where they need to rapidly recast their leadership style

  • Aware they have an insufficiently diverse and inclusive culture which is causing problems – for instance, not enough women in senior roles or high attrition after maternity leave.

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The coaching support has inspired us to re-shape our Leadership Development Programme and embed a coaching culture across the whole organisation.
Overall we hugely appreciated the flexible approach WDI took to working with us which added real value to the quality of the interventions. Their respectful challenge and role as Critical Friend supported people to engage proactively and without becoming defensive. Theoretical models were relevant and accessible and practically applicable.

Peta Wilkinson, Chief Executive, Enham Trust

We found your team to be very engaging and supportive of the agenda. You have quickly understood the pressures and complexity of the acute hospital environment and have worked hard to support our teams whilst also challenging the status quo to improve behaviour and culture for the benefit of patient care. Thanks again for your support.

Neil Dardis, Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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