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A collection of videos exploring Inclusive Leadership and an exciting opportunity!

Being an inclusive leader is an aspiration for many, and we know is rarely something that ‘just happens’.  In our work with teams and individuals developing inclusion, we often hear a strong desire and commitment to be inclusive, and concern or hesitancy about how to do it well – authentically, consistently, when you perhaps know there are difficult topics to consider and conversations to have.

This uncertainty can sound like this:

“What do I say and do?”

“How do I overcome my own biases and discomfort to not only avoid being exclusive, but proactively create a positively inclusive culture where diverse teams thrive?”

WDI believe inclusive leadership will enable us to collectively innovate, create, build, design, communicate, engage and deliver a thriving future.  The skills, qualities and behaviours of an inclusive leader are central to bringing out the best in everyone. They express our essential humanity and as we make the workplace a better place for individuals with greater diversity, so we also make it better for everyone.

Our Inclusive Leadership module – 6 weeks of bitesize learning supported with live webinars and coaching, guides leaders, step by step, through what it takes to be an inclusive leader.  It offers the opportunity to reflect and gain personal insights on your own leadership style as well as learn skills, techniques and approaches that truly create an inclusive culture.

During the module, we introduce expert speakers who share their stories, and offer practical suggestions which we can all take forward and action, to become more inclusive team members, managers and leaders.

As part of our own commitment to fostering inclusive cultures we share some short clips from our expert speakers, as freely available resources on our Vimeo channel. Why not share one with your peers, team or manager to start a new conversation?

Here are 2 examples for you to watch right now:

The Qualities Of An Inclusive LeaderDr Julie Shaw, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, shares her top three qualities of an effective inclusive leader.

How Can Leaders Create An Inclusive Culture For People Of Colour?  John Miller, Research & Insight, ED&I Consultant, explores how leaders can create an inclusive culture for people of colour.

We would love to hear your experience:

  • What ideas do these videos clips spark in you? 
  • What questions and possibilities do they raise?

If these videos spark your interest, we invite you to connect with us to explore the Inclusion module.

The Inclusive Leadership module forms part of our Women’s Leadership Programme.  A virtual programme combining bitesize learning through our multimedia online classroom with live webinars, group and one to one coaching.  Our 4 modules – Purpose, Connection, Transformation and Inclusion, form a curriculum based on our research and experience of what best supports and enables the progression of female talent.  The programme, launched last year, has so far been delivered to leaders in 13 countries across the public and private sector, with exceptional feedback and results – including promotions, 100% recommender and high net promotor scores.

We are pleased to announce that we have just opened enrolment for a multi-organisation cohort of our online Women’s Leadership Programme!  The programme starts September 2021. Each organisation can enrol 4-6 talented women, with a total group size of 20 participants providing a valuable peer network, connecting multiple organisations and sectors.  Delivery will include our online classroom with multi-media resources, live webinars, one to one coaching and our women’s network.

If you are interested in finding out more about this programme, please contact us at

You will also find an overview of our Women’s Leadership Programme and free access to our virtual classroom demonstration here. A wonderful place to explore the programme on an experiential level.

Author: Clare Russell – WDI Consulting Limited

WDI’s passion is to help our clients create the conditions where both women and men thrive and then reap the business and social benefits inclusion can deliver.   Our core offerings include performance coaching, women’s leadership coaching, our online modular women’s leadership programme, culture change and inclusive leadership.
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