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Women in Diplomacy 2020-2021 programme FCDO DIT

Last month saw the launch of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Women in Diplomacy 2020-2021 programme. WDI Consulting are delighted to be in partnership with FCDO and DIT and to have designed and be facilitating this exciting online programme.

Now in its third year as a programme, the design has moved online to reflect the changing nature of the way we interact, and to provide greater flexibility without any loss of deep learning, skill development and connection across the European network. The programme is being delivered through interactive webinars, small group coaching, specific learning assignments and extensive 1:1 and group networking. Our visually striking workshop materials tap into the energy and engagement of the participants to lift the content and the learning from the page into each woman’s experience. After the Launch and first Module in December, the programme will continue through a total of six modules until March 2021.

After only a few interactions so far with this talented group of women Diplomats across Europe, we have experienced a commitment to their own deep learning as leaders as well as the culture they are building to unlock potential talent and new ideas. We are already looking forward to supporting the participants extend the depth and breadth of their learning.

The programme focuses on a cohort of cross-European women Diplomats and the objectives include:

  • Building a long-lasting network of female Diplomats
  • Demonstrating leadership on gender issues
  • Upskilling female Diplomats to support their career development and impact as leaders
  • Leveraging existing success in creating an open and inclusive working environment where everyone can flourish

To achieve these objectives, the journey through the programme comprises a number of different activities across six modules:

  • Create goals that matter
  • Enhance your purpose and personal brand
  • Find your leadership sweet spot
  • Build strong influencing skills
  • Empower yourself and your team
  • Communicate with impact

Relationships always matter, particularly so when delivering demanding projects. We are impressed with the energy, commitment and attention to detail of the FCDO & DIT project management team and are so pleased to be working with you, the FCDO & DIT team. As a partnership, we share the ambitions for this year’s programme and to supporting this talented group of women.

Promoting gender equality is a UK foreign policy priority. Empowering women and girls improves peace and stability, economic growth and poverty reduction. WDI Consulting are proud to be designing and delivering this programme and contributing to driving gender equality in Europe and globally. Our depth of expertise in women’s leadership, our knowledge of gender equality and our proven track record of delivering high impact programmes makes us an ideal partner for this project.

Author:  WDI Consulting Limited

WDI’s passion is to help our clients create the conditions where both women and men thrive and then reap the business and social benefits inclusion can deliver.   Our core offerings include performance coaching, women’s leadership coaching, culture change and inclusive leadership.
In 2020, we launched our modular Women’s Leadership Online Programme which can be delivered through our online class-room or through a series of modular webinars tailored to our clients unique business needs.
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